S10 Password Vault : Store Passwords Securely and Autologin to Websites

It is no secret that on average everyone has at least five different online accounts. And if you are love to spend time online, then you may have more than a dozen online accounts. The problem with so many accounts is that it is difficult to remember all those passwords. Some people take the easy way out and write the passwords on a piece of paper or just use the same password for all their accounts – both of these practices are very insecure and if someone manages to guess your one account password, all your accounts immediately become accessible to them. The best approach to managing your online accounts’ passwords is to use a password manager like S10 Password Vault that lets you store your passwords securely in encrypted format as well as makes it easy for you to enter them to respective websites.

S10 Password Vault is a Windows application that encrypts your passwords with very strong AES 256 bit cipher, making it impossible for anyone to decrypt them. All these encrypted passwords are accessible using only a master password that you have to set as soon as you install this application. This way you have to memorize only one password and not a dozen different ones.

S10 Password Vault

Once you have set the master password, you can start adding new accounts to S10 Password Vault. In order to do this, double-click on the S10 Password Vault system tray icon and when the popup window shows up, right-click on any category and choose New Account. You can also select a category and  then click on the New Account icon in the toolbar.

S10 Password Vault

This will open the Add New Account window where you can enter all the information related to your online account. Typically, you have to enter the account name, user name, password (it allows you to generate strong passwords with in-built password generator), website address, window title for the website etc.

S10 Password Vault

Once you have added account information, you can use S10 Password Vault to automatically login to respective websites. To do this you have to open that website in yur browser and select the username field. Then in S10 Password Vault window, choose the account for that website and click on Log In button. This will send keystrokes to the browser window – first the username, followed by a Tab and then the password. This method works in websites which show username text field and password field together, but will fail for differently designed sites.

S10 Password Vault

Conclusion: S10 Password Vault is an efficient program that can store your passwords using strong AES 256-bit cipher. It also allows you to automatically login to websites and programs by sending keystrokes containing the username and password to their respective windows.

You can download S10 Password Vault from http://www.s10soft.com/passwordvault.htm.

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