WiFi Finder for Firefox Helps Find Nearby WiFi Hotspots

Usually, when you are working in Windows, you have to open the Control Panel and then Network Settings followed by WiFi Adapter settings to see which of the WiFi access points (also called hotspots) are available for you. But when you are browsing a website, watching a video on Youtube or working on your blog, it becomes very annoying to switch from your web browser to Windows control panel just to check for available WiFi access points. Fortunately, there is an add-on called WiFi Finder that helps you find the nearby WiFi hotspots right from inside the Firefox toolbar.

After you have installed the WiFi Finder extension for Firefox, it will place a WiFi signal icon in the Firefox toolbar. If you have enabled the WiFi adapter in your computer (some notebooks have a flip switch on the side or back that can be used to turn on or turn off the WiFi adapter), then you can click on this WiFi Finder icon in the toolbar. It will display a list of all the available WiFi access points in your neighborhood along with their names, MAC addresses and signal strengths. The signal strength is shown in the units of dBm (decibel milli-watts), which means that lower the signal strength is shown, more powerful the signal is.

WiFi Finder for Firefox

This extension gives you instant overview of the presently available WiFi access points, their names and signal strength. So if you are connected to some other WiFi hotspot and Youtube videos are buffering all the time in Firefox because the WiFi network you are connected to is giving you poor download speeds, then you can use WiFi Finder to find another hotspot with better signal strength and then go into your Adapter settings to connect to that access point. This way you can hop from one WiFi network to another easily without wasting time and without suffering lower download speeds.

Conclusion: WiFi Finder is a Firefox extension that shows you a list of all the available WiFi access points in your neighborhood. It displays their names, MAC addresses and signal strengths. It makes it very easy for you to find a WiFi hotspot with better signal strength right from your Firefox web browser.

You can get WiFi Finder for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/wifi-finder/.