Capture Windows Screen At Regular Intervals with AutoSceenShot

When my friend Gracie looked at her exorbitant internet bill last month, she was very upset and telephoned the phone company right away. The telecom company officials investigated the matter and found out that there was nothing wrong with the internet bill. Apparently Gracie’s family had used more than 500 GB of bandwidth that month and the telecom company had charged them for over-the-limit internet usage. When Gracie talked the matter with me, I immediately suggested that she should install a screen-grab application called AutoScreenShot so as to know what all the kids are downloading. Sure enough, she found out that the kids were busy downloading games from some of the questionable sites.

If you also suspect that someone is misusing your office or family computer resources behind your back, then you can also make use of the AutoScreenShot application. It captures Windows screen at pre-determined regular intervals and saves the screen shots in form of JPEG files that you can inspect at any later time.

As you launch the AutoScreenShot program, it places a small icon in the Windows system tray. You can right-click on this icon and select Options to open the main AutoScreenShot window.


In this window, you will be shown some options that you have to set. For example, you have to set the time interval in seconds after which a screenshot is taken, the number of recent pictures to keep, directory where these pictures shall be placed, whether to compress the images, whether to delete duplicate images based on their file size. You can also choose a date format to be used for the image files.


After you have set the options, you can click on the OK button and it will start its job of taking screen shots after regular intervals. You can check the captured screenshots in the folder that you have specified.

AutoScreenShot is a very easy to use program without any complicated settings and this is why it is also very easy to beat too. Its settings are not password protected, so just about anyone can know where the image files are being saved. Also anyone can stop it easily, just by right-clicking on its system tray icon and choosing Exit.

Conclusion: AutoScreenShot is a very simple screen-capture program that can take screen shots automatically at regular internals. But it does not provide any security features like password protection or encryption of the images etc.

You can download AutoScreenShot  from