Print Directly to the Printer in Firefox with Seamless Print

Although I try to avoid printing every little thing that I find online because printing is not only costly but also creates environmental problems (paper is made from trees). But sometimes you do not have much of a choice, for example, you must print the electricity bill receipt for record keeping, an application form must be printed, etc. When you have to print a webpage, picture, PDF file or some other documents in Firefox, you are usually presented with the Print Dialog where you can select the target printer, paper size, paper margins, whether to print background images or if you want to print in color or black & white etc. But when printing many pages one at a time, this can become a headache – the printer dialog will come up each time you try to print something and you will have to click Print multiple times. The Seamless Print extension for Firefox addresses this issue by making Firefox bypass the Print Dialog and sending the document directly to the printer.

The Seamless Print for Firefox is a no-restart extension – you do not have to restart Firefox after installing it. After the installation, you will find a new icon in the Firefox toolbar saying “Seamless Print is On” when you hover your mouse cursor over it. If you click on this icon, you can toggle the Seamless Print on or off.

Seamless Print for Firefox

As you click on this icon, it will also show you detailed information about how to use it to print documents directly. In the information popup, it tells you to configure the print settings before turning Seamless Print on, because when you try to print, the print job will be sent directly to the printer without giving you any chance of choosing the print settings. At any later time, when you want to configure printing settings, you must turn Seamless Printer off first.

After turning Seamless Printer on, you can try printing anything in Firefox (a webpage, document, PDF file, images), and they will be printed directly to the printer (unless your printer itself is configured to show a print preview).

Conclusion: The Seamless Print extension for Firefox can remove the Print Dialog annoyance when you have to print hundreds of documents everyday from within Firefox. It bypasses the usual Print Dialog and sends the print job directly to your printer. But while using it, you must get into the habit of toggling it off every time you want to change the printing settings.

You can get Seamless Print extension for Firefox from