Clean Apps Cache in Android with Easy Cache Cleaner

When you have been using an app in Android for some time, it starts to store the app usage data in form of that app’s cache. This cache keeps getting larger and larger especially in apps that download content from the internet to show you, for example, YouNow app or the Instagram app. This apps cache may be able to help you deliver content faster and without having to download the same data more than once, but it takes up you valuable Android SD card storage (internal or external depending on your settings). Shortage of the storage space in Android may lead to app installation failure later on when you try to install apps in Google Play Store.

One way to get rid of these cache files is to open Android Apps settings and clear the cache of every installed app one by one. But this method is very tedious and annoying. Instead you can use the free Easy Cache Cleaner app (from Bazinga!) for Android that helps you clean the apps cache for all the apps in just one instant.

As you launch the Easy Cache Cleaner app, it automatically checks for all the apps having any cache and shows you a list of such apps along with the size of their cache. In my new Android smartphone, Instagram had the largest cache and was taking up 5.6 MB of space – and I had used it only for a day.

Easy Cache Cleaner

There are also various settings that alter the way things are displayed. For example, you can choose to view the detected cache items in icon view or list view, sort the items in different ways, switch between light and dark themes etc. You can re-scan for the cache using the Re-Scan button or choose to clean all the found cache using the Clean All button. It will show a message that clean was successful after cleaning up all the cache items.

Easy Cache Cleaner

It also has a reminder option (configurable from the Reminder button). This option lets you choose the frequency after which you would be notified about the apps cache on your Android phone. Personally, I find it unnecessary and it should be turned off unless you are not really very very short on the storage space.

Conclusion: The Easy Cache Cleaner app helps you remove the cache files generated by different apps installed in your Android device. It works very fast and can be useful when your Android smartphone is running out of storage space.

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