Create QR Codes for URLs and Text in Firefox with Mobile Barcoder

QR codes have suddenly become very popular. Everywhere you go there are many QR codes on the showrooms, streets, sign boards, shops, buses, taxis and even on people’s clothes. In order to know what a QR code is telling you, all you need is a smartphone that is capable of snapping the QR code and translating it into human readable languages. In my experience, most of the QR codes outside are website addresses, but some are contact numbers and other text information. Earlier this month, I saw a QR code poster which took me to a website for a missing dog.

QR codes are great for transferring information to your smartphone without requiring any cables, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. This is what makes QR codes also ideal for quickly transferring small information between your desktop computer and your smartphone. You can use the free Mobile Barcoder extension for Firefox to turn URLS and selected text into QR codes which can be scanned using your smartphone.

After you have installed Mobile Barcoder extension in Firefox, you will notice a new icon in the toolbar clicking on which will quickly create the QR code for that webpage’s URL and show it in a new tab. You can also hover your mouse cursor over the Mobile Barcoder toolbar icon to quickly generating the QR code for the current webpage.

Mobile Barcoder

Similarly, if you select a piece of text on a webpage and then right-click on this selection and select Create barcode from selection icon, then it would create a QR code for that selected text and show it in the context-menu itself.

Mobile Barcoder


In the options for Mobile Barcoder, you can choose the online service that is used for generating QR codes (Google or Kaywa), choose a barcode type (QR code or data matrix), and the size of the code image generated (from small to XXL).

Mobile Barcoder

Conclusion: The Mobile Barcoder extension is very useful and time saving extension for Firefox that can be used to quickly generate QR codes for any URL, link or selected text. These QR codes can then be scanned using your smartphone using any free QR code reader app.

You can get the Mobile Barcoder extension for Firefox from