Clean Redirect Links in Firefox with Redirect Cleaner

There are some sites that do not want to see you go and they play dirty tricks showing you a redirect page confirmation and asking you whether you really want to visit that target link. Though the same method is used by security conscious websites to warn you about a potentially harmful external link, they all end up irritating the website visitor. Usually we all have to go through such painful experience, but now you can clean this redirecting links using the free extension called Redirect Cleaner for Firefox. The Redirect Cleaner does what it says – it cleans the redirect portion of a link and open the target link directly.

You can find the Redirect Cleaner extension for Firefox in Mozilla add-ons repository. The extension needs Firefox to be restarted, so you should save your work, if any, in Firefox browser and restart it. After you have restarted Firefox, you would notice a new icon in the toolbar with a right-arrow graphic. You can click on this icon to toggle the Redirect Cleaner extension on or off. As you can guess, when the Redirect Cleaner extension is turned off, it will not modify redirecting URLs but when it is turned on, it will clean all the redirect links.

Redirect Cleaner for Firefox

You can open the Redirect Cleaner extension options by right-clicking on its icon in the Firefox toolbar. In the options for Redirect Cleaner extension, you can manage the blacklists of websites that always must be redirect-cleaned and a whitelist of domains that should never be redirect-cleaned. In the whitelist of domains, you would probably add reputed websites like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

Redirect Cleaner for Firefox

There are also some other options under the Options tab, which change the behavior of the Redirect Cleaner extension. The option Reload will make Firefox load the current page, the option Target will remove the target attribute of a link and the option Debug will show you detailed information about what the Redirect Cleaner is doing in the Error Console.

Conclusion: If you often get irritated when websites show you a redirect webpage instead of taking you directly to the target website, then you should use Redirect Cleaner extension for Firefox. It cleans the redirect portion of a link automatically and takes you directly to the target webpage.

You can get the Redirect Cleaner extension for Firefox from

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