Eclipse Portable Encryptor : Encrypt Text in Windows Instantly

Recently, Vodafone made a disclosure that many government agencies around the world have special privileges in their network and these agencies can listen to almost any conversation on the Vodafone network. In the recent months, many such revelations have made people much more paranoid about their online privacy. Knowing that the emails or text you send over the internet can be read by some third party people can make you a little irritated even if you are not doing anything wrong or have nothing to hide. If you want to protect your email messages from being read by someone else, then you can encrypt them before sending them. The freeware Eclipse Portable Encryptor can help you encrypt any email message or any text in any program just by using a hotkey.

The Eclipse Portable Encryptor, as is evident, is a portable program for Windows. You can run it without having to install it on your system and that also makes it a perfect candidate for your USB key program collection.

Using Eclipse Portable Encryptor is extremely easy. First of all you should run the Eclipse Portable Encryptor and open any program like Notepad, Mozilla Thunderbird etc., the text inside which you want to encrypt. Then select the text that you want to encrypt. After a selection is made, press the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+E on your keyboard.

Eclipse Portable Encryption

This will make a small window show up asking for a password. You have to enter the password using which you want to encrypt the selected text. You should know that this same password would be required later when you may have to decrypt the text – so do not forget this password, or you will not be able to decrypt the text. After entering the password, you can press Enter on your keyboard. The selected text will be instantly encrypted and pasted in the place of the original text. What can be easier than this?

Eclipse Portable Encryption

Later if you want to decrypt the text, then you have to select the encrypted text (including the lines containing the “BEGIN MYSECRET” and “END MYSECRET” portion) and press the hotkey again. After entering the correct password, the decrypted text will replace the encrypted  text.

Eclipse Portable Encryptor also allows you to change the hotkey to something else. You can right-click on its system tray icon to change the forget password and encrypt/decrypt hotkeys. Selecting either will open a small window that lets you choose a key combination that can be used as the hotkey for these operations.

Eclipse Portable Encryption

Conclusion: The Eclipse Portable Encryptor program offers very easy encryption for all the programs in Windows. You can select any text in any program and press the Eclipse Portable Encryptor hotkey to encrypt/decrypt that text. It uses Blowfish cipher which is highly reliable in modern times.

You can download Eclipse Portable Encryptor from