How to Clear Private Data from Firefox Browser in Android

When you use a web browser regularly everyday, it accumulates your private browsing data like history of webpages visited, cookies, downloaded files, search history etc. If you use Firefox in Android, then anybody can pick up your smartphone and look at all the sites you have been visiting. Sometimes this could reveal your financial details to strangers and other times it can lead to sheer embarrassment in front of your family members. To avoid such situations, what you can do is clear the private data for Firefox in Android regularly so that not much of history gets accumulated at any time.

If you want to know how to clear the private data from Firefox in an Android device, then you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser in Android by tapping on its icon either on the All Apps section or from your home screen.
  2. When Firefox is loaded, press the menu key on your Android device (usually given at the bottom of the screen to the left). This will open a menu in the Firefox browser and you have to select Settings from this menu.Clear Private Data in Firefox for Android
  3. In the Settings screen, you will see many settings and configuration related items for Firefox. You have to tap on Privacy in this screen.Clear Private Data in Firefox for Android
  4. Another screen opens up, showing you details about cookies, passwords etc. You have to tap on Clear private data option in this screen.Clear Private Data in Firefox for Android
  5. Now you will be shown many options related to clearing your private data – like browsing history, downloaded files, search history, cookies, saved passwords, cache, site settings etc. You can select all of them or the ones you want to clear and then tap on the Clear data.Clear Private Data in Firefox for Android
  6. Wait for a few seconds before Firefox clears all the data and returns to the Firefox home screen. Now you can start using Firefox again.

By clearing Firefox in Android you make it not only much more faster, but you also remove any remnants of your private online life. This way you can have dual advantage of privacy and speed, by just clearing the private data regularly.