Koro Shredder is Simple File Shredder for Windows

When it comes to taking care of your secret files and documents, you cannot just delete them and think they are gone. Owing to the design of all the file systems, deleting files only removes their entry from the file system while the actual file data stays intact on your hard disk. Anybody equipped with a simple file recovery tool can lay their hands on such deleted files in a matter of few minutes. The only way to completely get rid of your secret documents is to shred them. There are many file shredder tools available on the internet that you can download and shred your files with. These file shredders can help you securely erase your files using some well known overwriting methods. The Koro Shredder is also such a secure file eraser tool that can help you wipe your secret documents using very strong file shredding methods like Gutmann and US DoD.

The Koro Shredder comes as a software installer. It creates a shortcut icon on your Windows desktop through which you can launch this simple file shredder tool. The first thing that you should do is select the file shredding methods. It supports Gutmann (35 passes), DoD (7 passes) and Zero (1 pass). You can select these methods from the Settings section of the Koro Shredder.

Koro Shredder

Once you have selected the settings, you can start adding files or folders that you would want to wipe securely. You can add these files or folders from under the Actions section. You can add as many files as you want. Be careful not to add wrong files unintentionally as they will be shredded beyond recovery.

Koro Shredder

There is also an option to shutdown Windows after file shredding is complete. You can select this option if you plan to go to bed immediately after starting the file shredding process. After this, you can click on the Wipe out button to erase all the files and folders that you have earlier added to the list using your preferred file shredding method. A progress shall be shown indicating how each and every item is getting shredded. In the end, you will be shown a message that wiping out of the files was a success.

Koro Shredder

Conclusion: Koro Shredder is a simple file shredder tool for Windows and is able to securely erase your files and folders using the popular overwriting methods like Gutmann and US DoD.

You can download Koro Shredder from http://korosoft.hu/.

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