Easily Change Folder Icons in Windows Using Folderico

After using Windows for a few years, you may get tired of looking at those yellow or khaki colored folders. Though these folder icons were inspired from actual real world folders back in early nineties, but now they have grown on people’s nerves to the extent of irritation. Unfortunately, Windows does not allow you to change the folder icons in any easy way. You have to take a long route and dig into various settings just to change a folder icon. Perhaps this is another reason why nobody actually bothers to change their folder icons. But the new freeware called Folderico is here to change the game. This free software allows you to change the folder icons as easily as snapping your fingers.

The Folderico software is available both as a setup installer as well as a portable application. I always prefer the portable applications as they do not leave much garbage behind when you are done using them, but everyone has their own preferences. When you launch the Folderico software, it shows a simple and small window where you have to select a folder, choose an icon and click on the Apply button to change that folder’s icon. What can be quicker or easier than this?

Folderico Change Folder Icons

You can choose any folder for this, but it is advised that you stay away from modifying the system folders settings (the folders used by Windows). When selecting the icon for a folder, you can choose one of your icon files but Folderico also comes with an icon library of its own containing many exciting icons.

Folderico Change Folder Icons

As you click on the Apply button, it immediately changes the target folder’s icon to the one you have selected. You can check in Windows File Explorer for the new changed icon. This is great to add a visual distinctive look for your special folders – for example, assigning a MS Word icon for the folder having your Word documents, assigning a plane icon for the folder containing your travel pictures and so on.

Folderico Change Folder Icons

Later if you want to restore the default icon for any folder, then you have to select that folder in the Folderico window and click on the Reset folder icon button. This changes the folder icon back to the Windows original icon, but does not show any confirmation.

In the options for the Folderico software, you can choose the method of assigning a new icon for a folder – whether to copy the ICO file to the folder or just use a shortcut to the icon library ICL file. If you do not know the difference between these two, then it is better not to touch these options.

Folderico Change Folder Icons

Conclusion: Folderico is a simple and very easy to use software that allows you to quickly change the icons of any folder in Windows. This is very useful if you want to assign visually distinctive icons to specific folders on your hard disk.

You can download Folderico from https://www.folderico.com/.

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