How to Quickly Close Background Apps in Android and Free Up RAM

One of the woes that Android users face everyday is that their smartphones are constantly running out of the available RAM. Even if you have good amount of RAM in your Android device, some of apps keep running in the background and claim so much of the memory that nothing is left for other apps. This is specially true for web browsers like Chrome and Firefox. One of the ways to forcibly close down apps is from the settings section of the Android device, but this method requires you to close each and every single app one at a time – which is not only time consuming but can also drive you crazy if there are too many apps to close. One easier way to quickly close all the background apps and free up the RAM is by using the free Clean RAM Memory app.

The Clean RAM Memory app for Android does only one thing – close down all the apps running in the background and free up as much RAM as possible – and it does this job very well. As you launch the Clean RAM Memory app, it shows a list of all the apps and processes running in the background. You will be surprised to see some of the apps still running in the background that you thought were closed down days ago. You can select one or more of these apps from this list (I suggest that you select them all) and then tap on the Clean button. This will close all the apps if allowed by Android without making the system unstable and free up the RAM that was being hogged by those apps. You will be able to see the amount of RAM freed through this process.

Clean RAM Memory in Android

In the settings for Clean RAM Memory app (that you can access by tapping on the gear like icon near the top-right corner), you can choose to enable the one-tap RAM cleaner widget for your Android device. You will have to manually add this widget on your home screen though. You can also enable the auto RAM cleaner setting which cleans up the RAM automatically by closing down some background apps when the amount of available RAM left becomes 10% of the total RAM.

Clean RAM Memory in Android

Conclusion: If you often run into low RAM problems in your Android device, then you can choose to the end your troubles by using the free Clean RAM Memory app. It can manually as well as automatically close down the background apps and free up RAM for your Android device.

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