How to Save Webpages as PDF in Firefox for Android

Ever since I had my Wi-Fi router installed at home, I feel the freedom to explore the internet over Wi-Fi in my Android smartphone. I can now relax, lay down in my cozy bed and browse sites, watch videos, listen to online radio, check my facebook page and more – without worrying about the data costs. Sometimes when going through various websites, I come across an article or news story that I want to save for future reference or for printing on my desktop PC. But since it is not possible to save the pages in a more compatible format in Android, I always save the webpages in the PDF format. The PDF files can be viewed and printed on all the platforms. If you also want to know how to save the webpages as PDF files in Android then read on.

  1. The first thing that you should know is that you should be using Firefox for Android browser. This is not only more secure, it is also faster and more compatible with different sites than the stock Android browser.
  2. Once you have installed Firefox in Android, you can open any webpage in it as you wish.  When the webpage is fully loaded, press the menu key on your Android device. This is the key at the bottom of the screen (the one on the left).
  3. This will show a context-menu over the webpage that you are viewing. You have to tap on the Tools sub-menu in this popup menu as shown in the following picture:Firefox Android Save As PDF
  4. Another menu will be displayed on your screen. From this menu you have to select the Save as PDF option. This will initiate the conversion and saving of the webpage into a PDF file on your smartphone.Firefox Android Save As PDF
  5. You can check the downloads folder on your smartphone to view the PDF file or connect the smartphone to your desktop and print it on your printer.

The above instructions work only for the Firefox browser and have been tested on the latest version 30 (at the time of writing this post).  If you are using an earlier version of Firefox, then it may not work for you.