Enjoy Playing Android Air Horn During FIFA World Cup 2014 Matches

Yes, the long awaited FIFA World Cup 2014 is here. Brazil is the host this year and everyone wants to go to Rio de Janeiro and Brasília to watch the matches even though the hotels are already jam packed and air flight tickets are not really available. If you are lucky enough to be in the Brazil and enjoy the World Cup matches, then you should add more fun to your visit by playing air horn whenever somebody from your favorite team scores a goal. And if could not go to Brazil for some reason (no tickets, no reservation, no money etc), then you can still enjoy the matches on the Live television and play the air horn just to let your asleep neighbors know which of the teams is winning.

If you cannot buy an air horn, have lost it, have forgotten it somewhere or your parents have confiscated it, then you can use the free Android Air Horn! app to blow the horn, make the noise and get the same amount of fun as the original horn. Just make sure that you have rocked up the volume to the max in your Android smartphone.

Air Horn! app is available on Google Play (link at the bottom of this page). After the installation, it will place an icon on your home screen. The Air Horn! app is a very basic app without any detailed settings. It just shows an air horn picture labeled “The Friend Maker”. I am sure when blowing this horn, you will make right type of friends.

Air Horn! for Android

In order to blow the horn you have to touch the Start button to open another screen with the same but bigger air horn picture. Tapping on this air horn picture will blow the horn and make a loud air horn sound.

Not happy with the sound the app is making? Relax, Air Horn! has more to offer. You can tap on More Horns button to open up a gallery of various different types of horns, for example, Trouble Maker, Single, Good ol’horn, En Espanol, Red Beauty, Multi Horn, Danger Horn, Captain Friend Maker and Vuvuzela to name a few. You can select any of these and then tap on their picture to blow them. If you remember the Vuvuzela horn was the horn that made the news in the World Cup 2010 in Africa.

Air Horn! for Android

Some of these air horns work in a special way. For example, The Trouble Maker horn makes a loud sound  every time it hears something in the microphone of your Android device. So every time someone says something, it will automatically blow the horn. A word of caution – do not use the Trouble Maker when talking to your parents.

Verdict: Whether you are going to Brazil for watching the FIFA World Cup 2014 matches or not, you should grab the Air Horn! app and start blowing it for having some extra fun. It promises to help you make new friends and turn you into the life of a party.

You can get the Air Horn! app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foncannoninc.airhorn.