Schedule Android Smartphones to Power On/Off Automatically

It really makes you mad when you are in the middle of a conversation on your smartphone and the battery runs out. By the time you apologize to the person on the other end, they have gossiped about your telephonic rudeness all over the town. You can actually prevent all this mishap just by managing your smartphone battery in a smarter way. Sure, there are third party apps that help you prevent the draining of the battery charge in unnecessary apps that keep running in the background for no reason, but Android itself has some options that can reduce the battery usage when you do not really need your phone. You can schedule Android to turn off the smartphone automatically when you don’t need it, for example, during the office meeting hours when you do not want to be disturbed, during an important date when you want to give all your attention to your sweetheart and perhaps during the night time when you are having your beauty sleep. Android can also turn your smartphone back on at a specific time which is great in the times when you forget to switch it back on.

You can follow these simple instructions to schedule the automatic turning off or on of your Android smartphone:

  1. Open the settings section in your Android device. Then tap on Scheduled Power on & off that you can find under the System section.Schedule Android Power On or Off
  2. The screen that shows up will display all the ON and OFF schedules for your smartphone. First of all you have to place a check-mark against the option that you want to enable and then tap on the option to configure it.Schedule Android Power On or Off
  3. In the schedule configuration, you have to set a time and the repeat frequency. You can choose it to repeat one or more days of a week or all the days of a week.Schedule Android Power On or Off
  4. Tap on Done near the top edge of the screen and you are ready. Now your Android smartphone will automatically turn off or turn on based on your scheduled settings.

Scheduling your smartphone to turn off can improve the life of your smartphone and its battery, as well as prevent you from being distracted by messages and calls when you do not really need them.


  1. Schedule Android Smartphones to Power On/Off Automatically!
    you kinow that most android smart phones cant turn itself back on?

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