Easy ZIP Archives Handling with WinZip for Android

As strange as it seems, but Android has no in-built support for ZIP archive. If you have just downloaded a ZIP archive in your Android smartphone, then you may not be able to open it unless you have a third party app installed that can handle ZIP archives. And when it comes to handling ZIP files, there is hardly any app that can beat WinZip for Android which lets you open, extract and create ZIP archives in Android easily. It can also let you view pictures, text files and web files inside an archive without having to actually extract them first. You can also open Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files by opening them third party apps from with the WinZip interface.

After installing WinZip for Android app, you can just tap on a ZIP file and it will be opened inside WinZIP instead of the usual message “This file format is not supported” appearing on your screen. The WinZip interface shows the files and folders inside the ZIp archive just like the File Manager.

WinZip for Android

If you want to create a new ZIP file then you can open the folder (from within WinZip interface) the files of which you want to compress, and then tap on New Zip button followed by selection of files and tapping on the Zip button. This will create a ZIP archive in the same folder as the files.

WinZip for Android

Extraction of files from an archive is also not difficult. You can open the ZIP inside the WinZip and tap on Unzip button to extract its files. You can also long-tap on a ZIP file from within the WinZip interface and select various options from the popup that shows up – unzip all the files here (in the same folder) or unzip the contents to a different folder.

WinZip for Android

If you have to email a set of files to someone, then you can create a ZIP archive containing them and send them over the email message. WinZip for Android combines all these tasks into one step through the Send Mail feature. This feature creates a ZIP archive of files that you select and then sends them over to your chosen recipient through the default email account configured in Android.

WinZip for Android

Conclusion: WinZip is a great app for handling ZIP files in Android. It can create new ZIP files, extract contents of the ZIP files and send selected files in form of ZIP files over an email message to your chosen recipients. It is definitely a must have tool for all the Android users.

You can get WinZip for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.winzip.android.

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