Sync Contents of Two or More Folders with Horodruin

When you have to synchronize the contents of two folders, you usually have to copy paste the files from one folder to another while skipping the ones that already exist and repeating this for every sub-folder. But this is a little uncomfortable and not very practical in general to sync two folders manually like this as it consumes much more time in just copying files around. You can sync two or more folders much more efficiently if you use a free software called Horodruin. It can sync the contents of two or more folders automatically at the click of a button, so that in the end all the folders have the same contents.

Horodruin is not a portable software and needs to be installed in Windows. After the installation, you can launch it from its desktop shortcut. The first thing you will have to do is select at least two source folders. Although you can select more than two folders, it will not work if you select only one source folder. The contents of all these source folders shall be synced with each other – resulting in all the selected folders having the same content.

Horodruin Folder Sync

After this you can go ahead and click on the Analyze icon in the toolbar which would analyze all the selected folders for missing files. For each of the folders, it will show how many files are missing in it compared to all the files in the set of all the folders combined. Now you can click on the Sync icon in the toolbar to start the syncing of all the data across all the source folders. You can also press the F6 hotkey for the same effect.

It will start by showing you a warning that the action is irreversible and the files can be overwritten with newer files of the same name. After this you will be shown a progress window for all the syncing process. When the syncing is complete, it will display a message that the operation was successful.

Horodruin Folder Sync


Now you can go ahead and open the source folders in Windows Explorer and check whether they were synced as you planned or not. For safety reasons, you should keep a backup of your data before you try to sync the folders, so that if some file gets overwritten, you can restore it from the backup.

Verdict: Horodruin is a straighforward and fast folders syncing tool and it delivers what it promises. It is able to sync local folders as well as network folders. You can even sync your cloud storage folders if your cloud provider allows WebDAV access.

You can download Horodruin from