Analyze Android Storage with Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer

After installing a few updates, apps and copying some music on my Android phone, I was suddenly presented with a warning about low disk space. Android refused to install any more apps and Google Play Store would give strange errors. After I managed to remove some of the music, the first thing I installed was Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer app. This app can analyze your storage on both the internal and external SD cards and show you the space usage information in a beautiful, interactive and graphical sun-burst chart format. This gives you an easy way to find out where all the disk space is being used up. It even has an option to quickly show you the top ten files that are taking up the most space on your Android device.

As you launch the newly installed Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer app, it displays all the available storage media on your smartphone along with their disk space usage details. You can select any of these storage media and their information is displayed at the bottom in pie-chart format. Scrolling down further, it will show a pie-chart with information about which folders/files are using how much disk space on the selected media.

Disk Usage and Storage Analyzer for Android

While selecting a particular media, if you switch to the Drive Usage tab, you are presented with an interactive sun-burst chart of space usage on that selected media. You can tap on any of these folders to open the sun-burst charts for them and analyze the disk space usage at any deep levels. It also allows you to delete any large files that you find. I personally found it very useful when removing the factory installed apps (AP files) by the manufacturer and free up space taken by them (you need root access for this). If you do not like the sun-burst chart approach, then you can switch to the Directory Files section which functions just like sun-burst chart only in a list view format.

Disk Usage and Storage Analyzer for Android

In the File Categories tab, you can also view all the files on the selected storage media categorized by their types – video, music, images, docs or others. This can be helpful if you are trying to find what sort of files are taking up most of the space on your smartphone. In the settings section, you can choose options to show non-existent drives (the drives you connected to your smartphone but later removed), show system folder and whether to vibrate when using the interactive sun-burst chart interface.

Disk Usage and Storage Analyzer for Android

Conclusion: Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer app can analyze and show the space usage details on the internal and external SD cards of your Android smartphone. You can quickly find the large files that are consuming most of the space on your smartphone, delete them and recover free space easily.

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