Movie to Gif : Make GIF Animations from Videos

Have you ever seen those funny and smart animations running in someone’s facebook comment, on tumbler, personal blogs or some online forums? Those are GIF animations (GIF files) mostly created from some or other videos. You can also create your own GIF animations using the free software called Movie to Gif. This software takes any video as the input, lets you select the video portion from which you want to create the animation and then generates the GIF animation right away. Compared to some other similar software programs, it works faster and creates the high quality animations only in a matter of seconds.

The Movie to Gif software comes as a setup installer which tries to download bundled programs from the internet. So you have to be careful during the installation as it may try to install gratuitous programs on your computer. After the installation is over, you can launch it from the desktop shortcut.

Movie to GIF

In the Movie to Gif window, you can click on the Open button to select a video file. You can select almost any type of video files including AVI, MP4, MPEG , FLV etc. After this you have to choose a portion of the video that you want to generate GIF animation from.  Movie to Gif gives plenty of controls to move the video frame back and forth so that you can select precisely the section of the video that you want to. You can use Set Start and Set End buttons to mark the beginning and ending of the video clip that you want to select.

Once the video portion is selected, you can set the GIF options. In the GIF options, you can select the frame size, frame speed, and the color resolution. The higher values you select for any of these, the larger will be the resulting GIF file but will also give you a better quality. Finally you can click on Save as GIF button to save the animation file anywhere on your hard disk. You can view the generated GIF animation file in 7GIF or any image viewer like Irfan View or XNView.

Conclusion: The  Movie to Gif software can help you quickly create GIF animations from videos. It allows you to select the video portion, choose the GIF size, speed and the color resolutions and generates the GIF animation very quickly.

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