Auto-Reload Tabs at Regular Intervals with Auto Refresh for Firefox

The one benefit of having a broadband internet connection is that you can always stay in the touch with the latest happenings in the world. Although internet has not yet beat the News TV coverage and reports, but it has opened many new avenues of obtaining the current happening events in the world. For example, when riots broke out in Turkey, people were using Twitter to tell everyone about what is happening. You could just open Twitter and see the messages roll down as the new events processed all through the night. But not all websites are designed to automatically show you the latest news and you have to manually press F5 to refresh them once in a while. But if you are a Firefox user then you can use the free Auto Refresh add-on that lets you automatically reload a tab or a group of tabs after a regular period of time.

The Auto Refresh add-on can both refresh the page with the same functionality as the F5 key (which reloads only new content on a page), and it can also hard refresh the page which mimics the behavior of Ctrl+F5 hotkey (that reloads everything on that webpage all over again).

After the installation, you can right-click on any open webpage and choose to enable Auto Refresh for that page or for all the tabs. You can also choose to enable the auto-refreshing after a selected number of seconds, minutes or hours. You can also select Randomize to set the time period for auto-refreshing to a random value.

Auto Refresh for Firefox

You can select Customize from the Auto Refresh menu to open the options available for this add-on. In the options, you can choose to show the Auto Refresh icon in the statusbar and adjust the preset time periods for automatically refreshing the web pages.

Auto Refresh for Firefox

Conclusion: The Auto Refresh add-on saves you from manually refreshing a website over and over again to see the latest content on it being updated every now and then. Auto Refresh can automatically refresh or hard refresh one or more tabs after a pre-specified period of time to always show you the latest content on a site.

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