Share Pictures, Links or Text on Twitter as You Browse the Web

I am personally not that big of a twitter fan, but I know some people who literally live on Twitter. Anything and everything they do in their life, has to be posted on their twitter account. And no I am not talking about celebrities who have hired some “managers” to take care of their hourly twitter and facebook postings. I am talking about the new world teenagers and young people who are always equipped with their powerful smartphones and sharing their life moments on twitter at the tick of every second that passed by. But what if you have to share something from the internet that you found using your desktop computer? In this case smartphone may take a longer router, so why not make things easier with the Share on Twitter add-on for Firefox.

The Share on Twitter add-on for Firefox allows you to easily share any image, URL or text on your twitter account at the click of a button. It places an extra twitter icon in the toolbar of Firefox (next to the address bar), clicking on which you can share the URL of the currently open website on twitter.

Share on Twitter

In case you find a beautiful picture online that appeals to you so much that you cannot wait to share it with your friends or followers, then you can right-click on that image and select Share image on Twitter from the context-menu as shown in the following screenshot:

Share on Twitter

Similarly, if you want to share a quote or part of some text material found in blogs, news sites, journals etc., then you can select that text portion (do not forget the 140 character limit of twitter), right-click on the selected text and choose Share on Twitter from the context-menu.

Share on Twitter

Conclusion: The Share on Twitter add-on for Firefox makes it much easier to share any interesting links, text or pictures that you encounter on the web on your desktop computer. This is a must-to-have Firefox extension for all the twitter lovers across the world.

You can download Share on Twitter add-on for Firefox from