Automatically Update Software with Ketarin in Windows

The first thing you do after buying your new Windows PC is to install all kinds of software downloaded from the internet. For example, the web browsers, email clients, chatting applications, office suites, antivirus and anti-malware applications, games and so on. But after the initial overflow of the installation buzz, we stop paying attention to these programs and often forget to update them. This negligence towards regular updates is partly due to the cumbersome process of checking multiple sites for finding the updates. But now you can use Ketarin to take care of all the software updates needs in Windows.

Ketarin can automatically check various servers and websites for the latest version of any software. This way you do not have to hop from one site to another to look for the new updates, but you can use Ketarin and find all the updates for many different programs from a single place.

The first thing you have to do is add a program for which you want to check the updates. You can do this by clicking on the down-arrow near the Add new application button and selecting Import from online database. There are other methods to add a new application but this is the simplest of them.

Ketarin Update Checker

This will open a new window where you can type the name of a program and click on the Search button. This will list all the possible programs for that name. You can select the a program from the list that you think is the right one and click on the Import button to add it.

Ketarin Update Checker

Once a program is added, you can check for its updates. In order to check for the updates, you can click on the Update all button or click on the down-arrow near it and choose one of the options to check for the updates and install them.

Ketarin Update Checker

Conclusion: The Ketarin software is very advanced and customizable update checker for Windows that can check for all the popular software packages available online. It can be used to check for the software updates and automatically install the updated versions in your Windows PC.

You can download Ketarin from