Glary Quick Startup : Manage Auto-starting Programs in Windows

One of the main reasons why a standard Windows PC starts to become sluggish in performance is the increased number of auto-starting programs. These programs compete with each other to run at Windows startup and not only make the Windows boot slower, but also reduces its overall performance as some of these programs keep running in the background. You would be surprised to find out how many of these auto-startup programs run at startup in a typical Windows PC. You can use the Glary Quick Startup to find out all the auto-run entries in your Windows PC as well as disable or delete them.

The Glary Quick Startup program is a freeware from the Glarysoft developers. As you launch this program, it shows up a detailed list view of all the programs that automatically run in your Windows PC. Different tabs show different types of auto-startup entries – startup programs, scheduled tasks, plug-ins, application services, Windows services etc. You can switch to any of the these tabs to view the respective types of startup entries.

Glarysoft Quick Startup

If you want to delete or disable or enable a startup entry, then you can right-click on it choose to disable/enable or delete it. Quick Startup also allows you to delay-start the programs so that they do not affect the regular Windows boot up process. In order to delay start a program, you can right-click on it, select Delay and then choose the number of seconds for the delay.

In addition, you can also add a new startup program manually, edit the information of an existing program, export the startup entries into a text file, and view the details of any startup entries.

Conclusion: Glary Quick Startup is a startup programs manager for Windows that allows you to disable, enable, delete, edit or add new startup programs, scheduled tasks, services and more. It is very easy to use and covers almost all the auto-startup avenues in Windows.

You can download Glary Quick Startup from