Clear Console Helps Clear Mozilla Firefox History Easily

If you do not already know the benefits of regularly clearing the web browser cache and history, then it is time that you learn about them. Cleaning the browser cache not only makes it faster to respond, resolves the browsing errors related to faulty cache but also makes your online sessions much more secure as you can clean the tracking cookies and possibly the log in data for various websites and forums. This is why computer experts often advise everyone to keep cleaning their web browser at least once in a month. If you are a Firefox user, then you already have an easy way to clean all the browser history from the menubar, but you can make it even much easier by using the Clear Console add-on for Firefox.

The Clear Console add-on for Firefox adds a new toolbar icon in the Firefox browser window. You can click on this icon to see a drop-down menu of options related to cleaning the browser history, cookies, cache, HTTP logins, HTML5 or local storage. You can choose to clean these individual items from Firefox or clean them all in one go. There are options to clean and restart Firefox browser automatically.

Clear Console Addon for Firefox

In the settings for the Clear Console add-on, you can choose whether the notifications should be displayed (about completion of cleaning process) and what to do if you exit (shutdown) Firefox (clean automatically, ask for cleaning or show cleaning options). This is a great option if you want to clean browser cache, history and cookies every time you exit Firefox.

Clear Console Addon for Firefox

Conclusion: Clear Console add-on makes it very easy to clean the history, cookies, cache, active logins, local storage and HTML5 storage right from the Fifefox toolbar. It also has settings that allow you to automatically restart Firefox after cleaning or automatically clean every time you shutdown Firefox.

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