Gotcha! Backup Utility : Easily Backup/Restore User Data in Windows

Whether you have bought a new computer or have formatted older computer and installed Windows afresh, you have to set everything up to your like – from desktop background to browser bookmarks. Wouldn’t the life much more easier, if we could just backup our favorite user settings once and then restore them in every Windows computer that we own? The free Gotcha! Backup Utility works on this very promise and allows you to backup user data on one Windows computer and restore it on any other Windows computer of your choice. Of course, the restoring of backup is limited by the version of Windows you are backing up from and restoring to.

The Gotcha! Backup Utility is a free and portable tool for Windows. You do not have to install anything on your system for it to work. Simply download the ZIP archive, extract the contents to a folder and run GotchaBackup.exe or GotchaRestore.exe depending on whether you plan to backup your settings or want to restore them. In both cases, the interface is pretty much the same. In case of backup, you have to choose the settings that you want to backup, select a location where you want to create the backup and finally click on the Backup button.

Gotcha! Backup Utility

In case of restoring the settings, you again have to choose the settings that you want to restore, choose the backup location (where backup files reside) and then click on the Restore button. Both the backup and restore processes may take some time depending on how much data has to be backed up. On my test PC, it took approximately 30 seconds for both backing up and restoring. After the restoring, you have to typically restart your computer before you can see the changes.

Conclusion: The Gotcha! Backup Utility is a fast and simple user data backup and restore tool for Windows. It can backup and restore various types of user data like drivers, fonts, Windows/Office license key, Firefox, Chrome, personal user files and more.

You can download Gotcha! Backup Utility from