How to Delete WhatsApp Account in Android

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messenger subscription service for smartphones that allows you to send text messages, pictures and videos to all of your contacts. Although many new similar apps like Kik have come into the messenger service scene, but WhatsApp is still the most used and talked about service, especially for the Android smartphone users. WhatsApp uses your mobile number to identify you on the smartphone, so you can have only one WhatsApp account on one smartphone. If you have created more than two accounts using different numbers, then it could become a little uneasy to handle them and you may want to dispose off one of the accounts. Moreover, after Facebook Inc. has taken over WhatsApp, many people are becoming paranoid about their online privacy and want to get rid of their WhatsApp account. Reason can be anything, but if you want to delete your WhatsApp account, then you can follow these simple instructions for Android:

  1. First of all you have to open the WhatsApp messenger client in Android. Now press the menu button on your Android phone or tap on the menu icon on the top that looks like three dots. Select Settings from the menu that pops up.Delete WhatsApp Account
  2. In the settings screen it will show a list of all the settings that you can use to configure WhatsApp messenger app. You have to tap on Account from this list.
  3. On the Account screen that shows up, you have to tap on the Delete my account option. This will show another screen where you have to enter your country code (for example, +1 for US and +44 for UK), your mobile number and tap on red colored Delete my account button.Delete WhatsApp Account
  4. This will effectively delete your WhatsApp account and your contacts will no longer be able to bother you through WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

Some of the people think of deleting their one WhatsApp account that uses their old mobile number, then create new account using the new mobile number. In that case, instead of deleting the account, you should just change the number from the WhatsApp settings.

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