ESET Augmented Reality App : Snap Your Pictures with ESET Android

Augmented reality is a live view of the real world seen through a screen (such as your computer screen) whose elements have been augmented or enhanced using the computer generated graphics based on the input such as video or audio. For example, through the use of augmented reality you can see a ghost or bunny standing next to you in your computer screen while it is really not there. The leading security developers ESET has also launched their new augmented reality app that shows a three dimensional ESET android (the turquoise colored mechanical man printed on ESET products) if you point your smartphone camera to the ESET marker printed anywhere – on the ESET Nod32 Antivirus box, in an advertisement, in the showroom etc.

This ESET Augmented Reality app is available for Android based smartphones. After the installation it shows you the basic information about this app – what it does and how to use it, etc. After this you it skips to the camera section of the app so that you can point the camera wherever the ESET marker (the ESET android picture) can be seen. If you are not near a shopping mall or computer shop where you can find the ESET marker, then you can just print out the ESET marker by downloading it from the internet. The size of the ESET android that appears in your smartphone through augmented reality is proportional to the size of the ESET marker – so the larger ESET marker you print, the larger android you will get.

ESET Augmented Reality

The ESET android seems to pop out from the ESET marker graphic, so if you put the marker on the ground or floor with its face towards the ceiling or sky, then you would get a standing android. Once you get the ESET android, give your smartphone to your friend and stand near the ESET android to snap your picture.

ESET Augmented Reality

You can share the pictures with your friends on facebook, twitter and so on. You can also print these pictures and hang them on your wall and tell your friends about how you met the ESET android in the park one afternoon.

Verdict: ESET Augmented Reality app is purely for fun and is an attempt from ESET to advertise its quality products in a productive, enjoyable and interactive way. It is sure to bring some amusement and start up many conversations about ESET and their security software among the people of all generations.

You can get the ESET Augmented Reality app from