DocuFreezer : Convert PDF Documents to JPG, PNG to TIFF Images

Even though Adobe PDF documents are supported on all the known platforms, they are sometimes inconvenient to share with other people on social networks. On the other hand, sharing pictures is ridiculously easy on these social networks. So if you have a PDF file, then you may want to convert it into a image file before sharing it with your followers and friends on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. In order to convert your PDF files into JPG, PNG or TIFF images, you can use the free DocuFreezer application for Windows. If you have Microsoft Office installed, then it adds Microsoft Office related conversion features as well.

After the installation, when you launch DocuFreezer, you would immediately notice that it has been designed to give the modern user interface look of Windows 8/8.1. You do not really need any help in using this application, you can quickly figure out everything yourself. Basically, you have to add PDF files to the list – which you can add by drag-n-drop method or by selecting them manually. You can even add a whole folder of PDF documents.


After this you have to select a target image file type from a drop-down list box at the lower-left corner. You can choose JPG, PNG, TIFF or PDF files as the destination. You also have to select a target folder where the converted files will be saved. Clicking on the Start button will start the conversion and save the files as per your selected options.


If you click on the gear like icon near the file type drop-down list box, then you can choose various options for the output file type conversions. For example, you can choose to create a regular PDF or PDF-A and change the quality and color strength of the image file types.

Conclusion: DocuFreezer is a small and efficient application that can convert PDF documents to different formats of images. It supports conversion of PDF to JPG, TIFF and PNG picture types. If you have Microsoft Office, then it supports conversion to Office documents as well.

You can download DocuFreezer from