View, Save and Remove Browser Passwords with Browser Password Remover

Like many other people, I prefer the convenience of storing the passwords in the web browser so that I do not have to type it again and again for an online website or service. I have been doing so since I bought my notebook PC two years ago. In such a long time, hundreds of passwords could have been stored in a browser. For the security reason as well as for purging the obsolete passwords, you should keep cleaning the passwords once in a while. Although, you can clean the usernames and passwords stored in any web browser through its settings, the Browser Password Remover makes it a little easier to view, save and remove the browser passwords for all the browsers from one single interface.

The Browser Password Remover is a simple and easy-to-use utility from SecurityXploded developers. The downloaded package contains both the installable version as well as the portable version. The portable version is inside a folder named “Portable Version” making it easy to find and launch. As you launch the program, it will show nothing until you click on the Show Passwords button.

Browser Password Remover

This will make Browser Password Remover search all the supported web browsers for stored passwords. It supports more than ten different web browsers available for Windows including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, SeaMonkey etc. When all the passwords are made visible, you can click on the Backup button to save the list in an HTML, TXT or XML file.

If you want to remove some passwords, then you can select them in the row and click on the Remove button. If you want to remove all the passwords, then you can click on the Remove All button.

Conclusion: Browser Password Remover can get rid of all the passwords stored in various web browsers on your Windows PC. You can use it to both save the stored passwords as well as remove all the of these stored passwords.

You can download Browser Password Remover from