Encrypt Files in Android with Crypt4All Lite (AES)

Last week when I left my smartphone on the table for only a few minutes, my co-workers started to go through it and found my personal videos and pictures on it. As soon as they saw me, the put it back where I had left. But this gave me an idea that I must keep my personal files encrypted to prevent such things from happening in future. This is why I installed Crypt4All Lite (AES) which is a fast file encryption tool for the Android platform. It uses the state of the art, highly secure AES 256-bit encryption cipher to encrypt your files. It can be used to encrypt the files before you upload them to cloud storage like box.net, Dropbox, Google Drive etc., or to encrypt the files on your Android smartphone so that not just anyone can open and access them.

Crypt4All Lite (AES) has a very simple user interface that allows for selecting a file and encrypting it quickly. For encryption, you have to select a file, enter a password of your choice two times and tap on the Encrypt button. The source file will be encrypted and saved in the same folder with an extension AES.

Crypt4All (AES)

The decryption of encrypted files is done in a similar way. You have to select the encrypted a file with AES file extension, enter the password that you used for encrypting it, tap on the Decrypt button and it will be decrypted in the same folder.

If you want to send a selected file to someone over MMS, SMS, email message, cloud storage etc., then you can tap on the share button and choose one of these many supported services.

In the settings, you can choose whether you want to enable the encryption context menu that appears when you touch over a file in Android, enable root folder access, run the app in the full-screen mode, select interface language and more.

Crypt4All (AES)

Conclusion: Crypt4All Lite (AES) is extremely easy to use encryption utility for all the Android devices. As its name depicts, it uses the highly praised AES 256-bit encryption cipher that makes sure that even hackers cannot access your files without the correct password.

You can get Cryp4All Lite (AES) app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codewell4.Crypt4AllLite.