Secryptor : File Encryption Tool with Dropbox Integration

Now that it is as clear as the daylight that the government and other agencies regularly snoop into our online activities and email messages, you have to be extra cautious about not sharing your very private data without encrypting it first. After all you do not want the state officers looking at the pictures of your private moments with your sweetheart. This has made the encryption an everyday necessity these days for keeping your private data private. But which tool should you use for encrypting your files? We have previously mentioned about many wonderful encryption tools like AXCrypt that can quickly encrypt your files in Windows. But if you want a tool that has tight integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox, then you can use Secryptor.

Secryptor uses very strong AES 256-bit cipher to encrypt your files which means that your files cannot be decrypted even by some of the very powerful computers that exist today within a reasonable time range without knowing the correct password. After you have installed Secryptor and launch it, it will display a simple window with two options – encrypt and decrypt. This makes you wonder why the software file is so large when it has such a simple interface, but as you start using the software, things become more clear and new options are revealed.

Secryptor File Encryption

In order to encrypt a file, click on the Encrypt File button that will ask you to select a source file. Next you will have to choose a destination for the encrypted file – your Dropbox account or the local hard disk. If you choose Dropbox, you will have to allow Secryptor to access your Dropbox account so that it can read and write files there.

Secryptor File Encryption

In the next step, you have to enter the encryption password twice. If you cannot think of a strong password, then you can use many of the strong password generators that we have reviewed over the past many years on One of my favorite strong password generators is the Norton Password Generator. After you have entered the password successfully, your encrypted file will be saved to the destination of your choice. The encrypted file has an .SKA extension appended to the original file name.

Secryptor File Encryption

When you have to decrypt a local file, you can click on the Decrypt File button, select the encrypted file name, enter the password and it will be decrypted instantly. For the encrypted files on your Dropbox account, you can enter the download ID or received code of that file in the given text box, click on the Decrypt File, enter the password and it will be decrypted.

Secryptor File Encryption

Conclusion: Secryptor is a simple file encryptor tool with integration to your Dropbox account. It uses very strong AES 256-bit cipher to encrypt your files and stores nothing online, everything is done locally.

You can download Secryptor from

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