Extract DMG Files in Windows with DMG Extractor

DMG files are the Apple disk image files which are often used to install programs in the Mac OS. But sometimes these files are also used to compress the contents into a single file. But these DMG files can be opened only on Mac OS. Being Mac OS specific files, these are not generally supported in Windows even by some of the popular third party programs. This can become a problem if you are using a Windows PC and someone sends you a DMG file over an email message or you have to extract some important documents compressed inside a DMG file. Thanks to the free DMG Extractor, now you can view and extract the contents of DMG files in Windows easily.

DMG Extractor supports all types of DMG files – encrypted, unencrypted, HFS, HFS+, Raw, UTF, FAT, Bzip2, Zlib and more. It can extract from DMG files even larger than 3.5 gigabytes. It works in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating system.

DMG Extractor

After the installation the DMG Extractor window opens up by itself. Then you can click on the Open button and select a DMG file to open it in the DMG Extractor. As the file opens up in the DMG Extractor window, you can browse through its folder structure and if you find a file that you want to view then you can click on View button to open it in the default application.

If you want to extract one or more files to a folder, then you can select those files/folders and click on Extract button and select to extract either all the files or only the selected few files to a folder of your choice.

Conclusion: If you are on Windows and want to open a DMG file then you can use the free DMG Extractor software. It can open and extract files from all different types of DMG files that you will ever come across.

You can download DMG Extractor from http://www.dmgextractor.com/.