Playback GIF Animations in Windows with 7GIF

We have earlier discussed about how you can make GIF animations easily using the free Movie to Gif software. But once you have created the GIF animation files, the next obvious question that faces you is how you can view or play these animations. Although some of the popular image viewer programs like IrfanView can show you the GIF animations, but they do not offer as much control over the animations as the free 7GIF software does. The 7GIF program lets you view the GIF animations much more smoothly and provides you with tools to extract the frames from the animations or print them.

The 7GIF software is available in both the portable as well as setup installer format. You can get any of these and run in Windows. The only requirement is that you must have either Microsoft .NET 2.0 or 3.5 SP1 redistributable package installed in Windows.

7GIF gives you options to associate it with the GIF files, but even if you choose not to associate it with GIF files, then you can just drag-n-drop these GIF files on the 7GIF window and they would start playing automatically.

7GIF GIF Animation Viewer

You can control the animation, play it, stop it, pause it, rewind it, move back and forth one frame one at a time and so on. You can also zoom in or out, watch the animation full screen or in the windowed mode. You can click on the settings gear like icon to open a menu through which you can save the frames, print the frame, view file properties, change background colors and open advanced properties.

In the Advanced Properties window, you can choose to save the 7GIF window position and size, resize its window to the size of GIF animation, associate it with GIF files and choose a user interface language from eight different languages.

7GIF GIF Animation Viewer

Conclusion: The 7GIF GIF animation viewer program gives you much more control when viewing the GIF animations in your Windows computer. You can play, pause, zoom the animation as well as extract its frames or print them on your printer.

You can download 7GIF from