Hashing and Encrypting Files in Android with Crypto

Encryption is basically done to hide your sensitive data from the eyes of everyone except you yourself. It can also be used to send sensitive information to a few people who have the knowledge to decrypt it. For example, when you shop online your bank or credit card provider encrypts the browser session when you actually enter the financial information (credit card numbers or banking credentials) so that only the intended recipients receive it. On your Android smartphone if you have any private files or sensitive files (for example, the private pictures of you and your sweetheart when you visited the Niagara Falls last year), then you can also choose to encrypt them using the free Crypto app for Android.

Crypto not only encrypts your selected files with a very strong AES cipher, but it can also calculate their checksums (also known as hashes). In fact, when you launch the app after installing it for the very first time, it shows you a simple textbox where you can type anything and it will calculate that text string’s hashes using all the supported algorithms. It supports almost all of the checksum algorithms popular in modern times.

Crypto Android

Switching over to the File section, you can select a file and either calculate its file hash (checksum) or encrypt it. If the file is already encrypted, then you can decrypt it. Again, it can calculate the file hash using a wide range of algorithms and takes only a few seconds. If you want to encrypt the files, then you have to supply a password and the file is encrypted using the AES 256-bit cipher.

Crypto Android

Conclusion: The Crypto app for Android gives you an easy way to encrypt your private or sensitive files. The encryption cipher used AES 256-bit is very strong and dependable. You can also calculate the hashes of strings and files using a wide range of checksum algorithms.

You can get the Crypto app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=burrows.apps.crypt.