Improve Vocabulary with A Word A Day App for Android

I remember when my elder sister used to buy those “learn new word everyday” calendars to improve her English vocabulary. These calendars had only one day shown at a time and displayed a new word, its definition and usage for each and every day. The general idea was to start your day with a new word and improve the English vocabulary. If you made sincere efforts, you could learn 365 new words in a year. Well, now the days of wall calendars and wrist watches are over, thanks to the availability of cheap smartphones. Since now everyone carries a smartphone, why not use it to your advantage and learn a new word everyday? If you have an Android based smartphone then you can use an app like A Word A Day and add new words to your vocabulary to improve your English writing and reading skills.

A Word A Day app is an educational app for the Android devices. It shows a new word each and every day, along with its meaning, history and examples with the help of Merriam Webster dictionary. When you launch this app after the installation, it does not waste any time and shows you a list of all the podcasts and words for last ten days. You can tap on any of these words to see the Merriam Webster’s definition, examples of usage and history for the word.

A Word A Day

The Merriam Webster screen also has a text-to-speech option using which you can listen to the pronunciation of the word and learn how it is correctly pronounced. In the settings for the app, you can also choose a translation language (in case you do not understand the definition, examples and origin of the word in English).

A Word A Day

Conclusion: If you want to improve your English vocabulary, then you can use your Android smartphone to your advantage and make use of the A Word A Day app to add one new word everyday to your vocabulary.

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