Use Strong Passwords in Firefox with Secure Password Generator

One of the main reasons why online accounts like emails, facebook, twitter, etc., are hacked is because people choose weak and easy to guess passwords. According to a security research firm, many people are actually using their date of birth or pet names as their passwords. Such passwords are not only easy to guess, but also fall easy victim for dictionary based hacking attacks. In order to stay safe and secure online, you have to start using stronger passwords as your first line of defense against hack attacks. We have previously posted about many fabulous password generators like Norton Password Generator which allow you to generate very strong passwords in a matter of seconds. But if you are a Firefox user, then you may be interested in the Secure Password Generator extension which integrates closely in Firefox and helps you generate highly secure passwords on long webpages.

After the installation of the Secure Password Generator extension in Firefox, you would not see any visible change in Firefox – no new toolbar buttons or anything. But when you are on a login page that has a password field (where you are supposed to enter a password), you can right-click on the password field and select Generate password from the context-menu.

Secure Password Generator for Firefox

This will bring up the password generator window for Secure Password Generator that allows you to generator strong passwords as per your requirements. You can choose the length of the password, whether to use mixed case, lower case or uppercase, whether to use  digits or other special characters, whether to create password favorable for typing with left, right or both hands, and more. It is suggested that you use passwords of length 12 and more, for better security.

Secure Password Generator for Firefox

You have the option to insert the generated password right into the password fields or copy them to the clipboard and then paste them anywhere you want. This way you can use very strong passwords in your online accounts and avoid anyone from guessing or brute forcing your passwords.

Verdict: The Secure Password Generator extension for Firefox can create very strong passwords based on the usual guidelines often mentioned by IT security experts. But compared to the Norton Password Generator (that places consonants and vowels in the password in such a way that makes it easy to remember), it is unable to generate easy to remember passwords.

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    Top reasons are access to volumes of PERSONAL information FOOLISHLY VOLUNTEERED, or leveraging one to another for the former.

    A good passphrase strategy is better than a short complex password.


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    Xmpp Texting will soon be available ‘everywhere’ there is offer of Two Factor authentication.

    While you firefox (or chromium — not chrome) tinker consider an article on the ease of [web]email encryption with extension


    Xmpp Texting can easily be secured with OTR

    My paraplegic Uncle can and so can you

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