How to Install and Use Adobe Flash Player in Android KitKat

Adobe stopped the development of Flash Player for the Android platform in June 2012 and consequently it was taken down from the Google Play Store. Now in the newer versions of Android OS as well as newer versions of various web browsers, the Flash Player is generally not supported. This was done to promote HTML5 for watching videos instead of the external Flash Player plugin. Even though some of the most popular websites like Vimeo work flawlessly even without Flash Player in Android, it has really crippled some other video streaming sites like Dailymotion. If you want to install Adobe Flash Player in your latest Android Kitkat smartphone then you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. First of all you have to install Adobe Flash Player in Android. Since it is not available from the Google Play Store anymore, you have to download the APK and install it on your device. You can download Adobe Flash Player 11.1 APK by clicking here. If you do not know what to do with the APK file, then you can read instructions on how to install apps using the APK file from an article we have published previously.Install and Use Flash Player in Android Kitkat
  2. Chrome or Firefox do not support Adobe Flash Player anymore, so you have to install the Dolphin web browser from the Google Play Store.
  3. After you launch Dolphin web browser, press the menu button on your Android device to open the options panel. Tap on the Settings in this panel to open Dolphin settings.Install and Use Flash Player in Android Kitkat
  4. On the Dolphin settings page, scroll down and select Web Content section. This section displays options about what type of content should be displayed in web pages – images, Java script, text encoding etc.Install and Use Flash Player in Android Kitkat
  5. On the Web Content page, scroll down and you will find a setting that controls the display of Flash in web pages. Tap on this setting labeled Flash Player which is turned off by default.Install and Use Flash Player in Android Kitkat
  6. You can choose whether you want the Flash Player to be always on, use on demand or turn off. If you are security aware user, then you can choose the On Demand setting which makes Dolphin browser ask you every time a webpage uses Flash. But if you are going to use the popular and safer sites, then you can choose Always On setting to enable Flash all the time.Install and Use Flash Player in Android Kitkat
  7. That’s it. Now you can head over to Dailymotion, Vimeo or some other video streaming site and enjoy watching Flash videos right inside the Dolphin web browser.

It must be mentioned that this Adobe Flash Player version is old (version 11.1) because Adobe has abandoned the development of Flash Player for Android. This may put you under risk if you use the Dolphin browser to visit questionable sites. This is why you should turn off Flash Player in Dolphin when not using it on trustworthy websites.