IsMyHdOK Checks Performance of HDD, SSD and USB Disks

If you bought your Windows PC more than three years ago, then the signs of aging would have started to make their appearances known. One of the many signs of your PC getting old is the slow response of the hard disk – it takes longer time to open a music, document or video file; when you play a video file, it stops in the middle, the hard disk activity is unusually high and so on. One way to know whether your hard disk is getting old and whether it is time to replace it with a brand new hard disk or solid state drive, is by using the free IsMyHdOK software. This software runs some benchmark tests on your disks and can provide you some data that you can compare online to check the disk performance.

The IsMyHdOK software is available as a portable program, so you can just download the ZIP archive, extract its contents to a folder and run the program from there. It will show you a license agreement, followed by a warning that running too many tests and benchmarks on your disks can shorten their life. After this the main window interface is opened. Here you can select one of the partitions on your computer to test and choose a benchmark from the drop down list. You can choose the tests from quick test, short test, long test and very long test. Clicking on the Start button will initiate the test.


No matter which type of the test you select, it will go through different cycles to check the sequential read/write, 4K read/write, 512K read/write, 64 x 4K read/write and access time for the selected disk. The score results are displayed at the bottom in a set of three numbers. You can compare this score with the online score chart at to see how your disk is performing.

Conclusion: IsMyHdOK is a portable hard disk benchmark tool that can check the performance of your HDD, SSD and other types of disks. It can be used to compare your disk performance scores against those of the brand new models to see how well your disks are performing.

You can download IsMyHdOK