Keep Software Up-to-date with CHIP Updater

Keeping your software and operating system updated is crucial in modern times when cyber criminals often target the older more vulnerable systems. If you are using an older version of some software or have not installed latest updates for it, then you expose yourself to many different types of online threats including malware, remote access trojan and hacking. While the Windows Update feature takes care of automatically updating various components of the operating system and other Microsoft software, the third party applications often stay outdated. The German computer magazine CHIP has released a software called CHIP Updater which boasts of keeping your installed third party software in Windows updated with the latest versions of the programs.

CHIP has collaborated with another German company Abselssoft for making this software available to everyone for free. After the installation of CHIP Updater it is launched automatically and starts to scan your system for all the installed non-Microsoft software and then displays a list of all the programs found.

CHIP Updater

The programs are categorized whether update is available, paid update is available, automatic update is available or the program is already up-to-date. You can click on the download button next to a program for which the download is available and it will take you to the relevant download website from where you can download the updated version of the program.

If you click on the Stop button next to a program, it shows the current version of the program installed on your computer as well as the version of the update that is available. It also shows what type of update is available – free or paid or automatic.

CHIP Updater

You can click on the gear like icon on the top to open CHIP Updater settings window. The program does not have many options to set. You can switch the program interface language between German, English and Dutch. You can also choose to check for updates everyday.

CHIP Updater

Conclusion: CHIP Updater is a free application that may help you keep your third-party software in Windows up-to-date. It scans your system and shows you all the available updates that you can download from the CHIP website.

You can download CHIP Updater from