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Twenty or thirty years back, if you wanted to know about some topic you had to run to the nearest library, consult a set of encyclopedia books or ask someone who had the knowledge (like your school teacher or your parents). But with the advent of internet things have changed completely, now if you want to know about anything then you can google about it and find many interesting sites with great depth on that topic. But one thing that has not changed is that the available data is still mostly in the text format. Before the internet you had to read the books, journals, magazines etc., now you have to read the text on websites. And considering the overwhelming size of the internet, you really have more than one lifetimes worth of text material to read. With such a little time and so much to read, it is only natural that you would want to read faster, so that you can read more as soon as possible. And this is where the free web app called Squirt is going to help you.

Squirt is a web app that can push your limits when it comes to reading the text available on any website. It shows you one word at a time with a fast speed so that you start reading each word faster – consequently the whole webpage at a fast pace. It can take your reading speeds to as fast as 320 words per minute (beyond that speed you may get dizziness).

Read Faster Online with Squirt

So how do you use Squirt? Its all very easy. The very first thing that you have to do is visit the Squirt website (link given at the bottom of this article). On the installation page of the Squirt website, you would find all the instructions for all the web browsers. Typically, you have to drag-n-drop the given Squirt link on to your bookmark toolbar. This will create a bookmark to this special Squirt link.

Read Faster Online with Squirt

Now whenever you are on a webpage the text of which you want to read, you can click on this Squirt bookmark. In a few seconds, it will start to show you one word after another at a fast speed. As you read these words faster, you would be reading the whole page faster. It will show the estimated time for finishing the reading and the WPM speed. You can change the reading speed by clicking on the left/right arrows near the WPM speed.

Read Faster Online with Squirt

You can press S on your keyboard to open the Squirt settings. Here you can see all the keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can use the spacebar to start/stop reading, up/down keys to control the reading speed, escape key to quit Squirt etc. You can also change the font between Sans and Serif.

Read Faster Online with Squirt

Conclusion: If you think you take a long time to finish reading the news stories, ebooks or other text material on a website, then you can try your luck with Squirt web app. It pushes you to read faster by showing you one word after another at an increased speed. It’s a pity that it works only for online web pages and not for local HTML files.

You can find more about Squirt web app at

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