Tile Tabs for Firefox Allows Opening Multiple Sites in a Single Tab

Firefox browser is the one that pioneered the concept of tabs in a web browser. With tabs feature you could open many websites in the same web browser window. Later other web browsers followed the suite and now almost all the web browsers support the tabbed browser interface. The tabs in a browser save your time as you no longer have to switch from one window to another. But when comparing sites content or taking notes from educational sites, you still have to switch from one tab to another. This is where the Tile Tabs add-on for Firefox can be of some help. It allows you to open many websites in a tiled interface in a single tab so that you can view all the sites in the very same tab. The tiled interface is perhaps inspired from the Windows 8 modern start screen and the new users of Windows 8 may actually fall in love with this add-on.

After the installation of the Tile Tabs add-on in Firefox, you would notice a new icon in the Firefox toolbar (next to the address bar). You can click on this icon and choose one of the layouts from a list of more than ten layouts. In order to toggle the Tile Tabs on or off, you can use the hotkey F12.

Tile Tabs for Firefox

Each tile on its own acts as a browser tab and responds to the menu commands, address bar, search bar and tab buttons separately. if you want to synchronize the scrolling of two or more tiles, then you can select anyone of them and press F8 hotkey. This feature is great when comparing the contents of two websites.

Tile Tabs for Firefox

You can also add new tiles on the left/right of any tile or above/below of the existing tiles by right-clicking on them and choosing where you want to add the tiles and then selecting the webpages opened in different tabs. if you do not want to toggle the Tile Tabs off and on but the tile views interface instead, then you can use the hotkey F9 in place of the F12 key.

In the settings of the Tile Tabs, you can choose the highlight border colors of the tiles, the border width, the splitter width, show border around the tiled tabs, customize the menus that are displayed when you right-click on a tile, assign the hotkeys for different actions, assigns mouse and keyboard actions and more.

Tile Tabs for Firefox

Conclusion: The Tile Tabs extension for Firefox allows you to open multiple websites in different tiles in the same tab. This is useful when you have to compare sites content or take notes from different sites and do not want to spend half the time in switching from one tab to another.

You can get the Tile Tabs add-on for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tile-tabs/.