Scan and Remove Viruses with Free Trend Micro System Cleaner

If you are not careful enough when visiting websites and downloading files, you may end up installing spyware, rogueware or even worse – malware. In order to prevent such mishaps, you should keep all the programs up-to-date and install security updates for Windows whenever they are available, in addition to keeping a good antivirus software installed on your system. But sometimes even when you have taken all the precautions, a virus may slip under the radar and you notice its presence only when strange things start happening – web page redirects, popups, background clicking sounds and so on. It is the situations like this when you need to use the free Trend Micro System Cleaner to scan and remove all the malware found on your system.

Trend Micro System Cleaner is a free command line scanner with a GUI front-end that can scan your Windows PC for all types of malware and spyware programs and simultaneously remove the found threats. Here is how you can use it to scan and clean your infected system.

First of all, you have to download the Trend Micro Sysclean tool to your computer. Then you have to download the latest Trend Micro virus definitions and save them to the same folder. After this you have to extract the files from both the downloaded ZIP archives to the same folder. Now double-click on the file and you would see a Trend Micro System Cleaner GUI interface.

Trend Micro System Cleaner Tool

You can choose to automatically clean the infected files, enable spyware scan and under the Advanced options you can choose to scan only a folder (by default it scans all the local hard disks of your computer). Typically, you would simply click on the Scan button to start the scanning of your system which would scan all the local hard disks.

When it finds any malware infected files, it first tries to clean them. If cleaning does not work then it tries to move them to a quarantine folder. If the moving also fails, then it finally deletes these infected files. In any case, it gets rid of all the detected threats.

Trend Micro System Cleaner Tool

After virus scanning is finished, it starts scanning for spyware files on your system. It scans the running programs, internet cookies, Windows registry, hosts file, system files and directories for any possible spyware files and eliminates them if detected.

Trend Micro System Cleaner Tool

Conclusion: The Trend Micro System Cleaner is a simple portable antivirus tool that can scan and remove detected threats from your Windows PC. Being a portable program, it can be used along with your existing antivirus software. Although it is a little older program, it uses latest virus definition files from Trend Micro and is able to remove latest viruses and malware.

You can download Trend Micro System Cleaner tool and virus definitions from