View Preview of Links in Firefox Using Interlude

When we are searching for some thing on the internet, we often have to visit hundreds of webpages to see what they have to say about the topic we are interested in. But this also means waste of a considerable amount of time spent in just opening the webpages in different tabs and windows. If you want to save your valuable time, then you can use the Interlude extension in Firefox. This extension opens a small preview popup for a webpage when you hover your mouse over a link for that page. This can be used when you are searching for something on a search engine (Bing or Yahoo! for example) – you can check the contents of the webpages without having to open the links.

The Interlude extension for Firefox requires that you restart Firefox after the installation. Once you have restarted the Firefox browser, you can start using Interlude. Just open Bing search in Firefox, search for something and when search results are displayed, hover your mouse cursor over one of the links and it will show you the fav-icon of the that website at the end of the link – this is called linkclue by Interlude. You have to hover your mouse cursor now on this fav-icon (or linkclue) and it will popup a small overlay window showing you the contents of that webpage. The webpage is not displayed as it is, but the basic data from it is extracted and displayed to let you have an idea of its contents.

In the Settings for the Interlude extension, you can choose when to show the preview overlay window – when you click on linkclues or when you hover over them, whether a summary should be displayed about the webpage, the size of the preview window, what types of buttons should be displayed inside the preview window, whether it should warn about malicious links and so on.

Conclusion: Interlude extension for Firefox is a practical, productive and time-saving extension. It can be used to quickly see what is hidden behind a link without actually opening that link. It can also warn about malicious links to add to the Firefox browser safety.

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