Always Zoom Allows Zooming on All Web Pages in Firefox for Android

Recently while browsing on Firefox on my Android smartphone, I have come across many websites that prevent viewers from zooming in. Why the website developers choose to do this, is beyond my understanding. They forget how difficult it becomes to read the contents of a web page for the people with weaker eyesight. Sometimes you cannot even zoom the images, no matter how hard you try to pinch zoom on the smartphone touchscreen. But now you can zoom on all the mobile webpages in Firefox for Android using the free Always Zoom add-on.

What this add-on does, is that it modifies the header of every mobile webpage and removes the instructions that prevent zooming it. This way you can zoom on all the websites without any trouble. You can download and install this add-on in your Firefox browser in Android from the Mozilla add-ons repository (link at the bottom of this article). After the installation is done, all your zooming restrictions are removed and you can zoom on every webpage as much as you want. In case, you want to temporarily stop this add-on, you can visit about:addons in Firefox and disable it.

Always Zoom Add-on for Firefox in Android

I visited a webpage in my Firefox web browser in my Android KitKat smartphone. This webpage does not allow zooming of any kind normally, so you cannot zoom in on the picture of Lucy as shown. But after installing the Always Zoom add-on, you can see that zooming starts working in the webpage and I can zoom on the picture of Lucy.

Always Zoom Add-on for Firefox in Android

Verdict: If you have weaker eyesight and start to have headaches after reading a little in your Firefox for Android browser, then you need to use the Always Zoom extension for Firefox in Android so that you can zoom on all the webpages regardless of whether these webpages have disabled zooming or not.

You can download Always Zoom add-on for Firefox in Android from