Dumpster is Recycle Bin Alternative for Android

After having used Windows for many years we get the general impression that even if delete something from the hard disk, it is not going anywhere and we can always restore it from the Recycle Bin. Unfortunately, no such feature is available in Android. So if you delete a picture, document or any other file from your Android smartphone, it is gone forever. Sure there are file recovery tools that can help you recover deleted files but there is no guarantee of any kind. If you want a little protection from accidental deletion of your files, then you can the Dumpster app for Android.

Dumpster app for Android devices is similar to the Recycle Bin for Windows PC. It protects your documents, pictures, videos and audio files from accidental deletion. If you happen to delete a file in your Android smartphone, then you can launch Dumpster and restore that file to its original location right-away.

After the installation Dumpster runs its configuration wizard where you have to choose the basic settings like which type of items you wish to be protected and whether to create a home screen shortcut or not.

Dumpster for Android


Later at any time, you can launch Dumpster from the home screen and view all the files it has protected. You can tap on any of these files to restore them or see a preview of them. In the options for Dumpster app, you can choose what type of items it is going to protect and how long it will keep those items in the Dumpster storage.

Dumpster for Android

Conclusion: Dumpster is for Android what Recycle Bin is for Windows operating system. It can protect your documents, videos, pictures, and audio files from accidental deletion. And allows you to restore the deleted files instantly from its easy to use interface.

You can get Dumpster for Android it from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.baloota.dumpster.