Add OneDrive to Windows File Explorer with SDExplorer Base

Microsoft has announced their plans for the Windows 9 and there is a rumor going around that OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) would be tightly integrated in the Windows File Explorer in this new version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. But if you are a user of earlier versions of Windows, then you can still integrate OneDrive cloud storage account in Windows File Explorer with the help of free SDExplorer Base. This software allows you to access your OneDrive cloud storage easily from the Windows File Explorer just like any other disk drive. Obviously the responsiveness of the OneDrive folder will depend on the quality and speed of your internet connection.

SDExplorer is available in two versions – Base which is free and the Advanced apid version which has many more features that the Base version. In any case, you have to install the SDExplorer in your Windows computer and it will be ready after the installation. You can see a new SDExplorer icon in Computer when you open the File Explorer.


You can click on this SDExplorer icon and it will present you with the familiar Windows Live login screen. You have to enter your Microsoft account credentials and you can choose to store them in SDExplorer so that you do not have to enter them again and again.


Once you have logged in, the SDExplorer will open all the folders and files belonging to your OneDrive account. You can use OneDrive in your computer as you would use any other disk drive or folder. In order to upload files to OneDrive, you can copy them to the SDExplorer or one of the OneDrive folders. All other file operations can be performed in a similar way.


Conclusion: SDExplorer Base brings OneDrive to your Windows File Explorer so that you can access your OneDrive easily from within your File Explorer. It makes it very easy to upload and download files from your OneDrive cloud storage account.

You can download SDExplorer Base from