Ringdroid is Ringtone Editor for Android Smartphones

Has it ever happened to you that you listened to a song or piece of music and you wanted to have it as the ringtone of your mobile phone? Although you can take the MP3 of that song or music and set it as the ringtone of your phone, but when your phone rings the whole of the song starts to play. This is definitely not a good idea. What you would want is that only a portion of that song (perhaps the most exciting part) is played repeatedly when your phone rings. For this you would normally need an audio editor like Audacity on your PC to extract the portion of the music for setting as ringtone, but not if you are using an Android smartphone. Android users can use the free Ringdroid ringtone editor that can set a portion of a full song as your ringtone.

As you launch Ringdroid, it shows a list of all the music files it finds on your SD cards. You can select one of these music files for editing for a ringtone. But Ringdroid also allows you to record your own voice through the sound recorder that you can open by tapping on the microphone icon on the top. The sound recorder can also be used to record nature’s sounds, street sounds, music being played on the radio or any other sounds that you think would be great as ringtones.

Ringdroid Ringtone Editor for Android

After you select one of the music files, it is opened in a very simple editor. This editor allows you to select the starting and ending points of the ringtone. This way you can choose only the most exciting portion from the full song. You can experiment with the selection by playing the selected portion as well. After you have selected the desired portion, you can tap on the save button on the top and save it as your new ringtone. The app also asks you to set the saved ringtone as your default ringtone to make it easier for you to choose your new ringtone.

Ringdroid Ringtone Editor for Android

Verdict: The Ringdroid app makes it possible to set your favorite songs as the ringtones in your Android smartphone. It allows you to select a portion from the full song, save it as ringtone file and set it as the default ringtone in Android.

You can get Ringdroid app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ringdroid.