Auto Clean Firefox Browser Before Closing it in Android

If you have been using Firefox web browser in your Android device than you must have noticed how much internal memory space it consumes to save the browser history and other types of cache. On my Android smartphone, the space consumed by Firefox quickly rises to as much as 200 MB only in a couple of days. On a smartphone with only 1.6 GB internal memory, this is very undesirable as this leaves very little space for other apps to be installed. One solution is to regularly clean the cache used by Firefox app from the Android settings section, but that also wipes out the settings saved by Firefox. A much better solution is provided by the CleanQuit add-on for Firefox in Android. This add-on adds an extra menu item that allows you to clean all the browser cache before quitting the Firefox browser.

After the installation of the CleanQuit Firefox browser, you can press the menu button on your Android device to bring up the Firefox menu. At the very bottom of this menu, you would find the new CleanQuit option. Tapping on CleanQuit will first clean all your browser history, cookies, and cache and then quit your Firefox browser.

CleanQuit for Firefox in Android

In the options for the CleanQuit extension (that you can access by typing about:addons in the address bar), you can control which items in your Firefox browser are cleaned by this add-on. You can check or un-check any of these items to enable cleaning these items. Typically the CleanQuit extension can clean the cache, cookies, site preferences, offline apps, browsing history, form data, download history, saved passwords, sessions and recent tabs.

CleanQuit for Firefox in Android

Conclusion: The CleanQuit add-on for Firefox can help you keep your Firefox browser clean and fast in your Android smartphone. It can clean all the possible kinds of the data accumulated during your web browsing sessions at a single tap.

You can get CleanQuit extension for Firefox in Android from

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  1. apps are NOT installed into memory

    RAM = memory

    A better solution is to be sure you have root:

    + install: AdAway
    + Install: XPosed Framework
    + Install: XPrivacy
    + buy pro license for XPrivacy
    + install: HandleExternalStorage

    Defim has produced many AWESOME plug-ins for XPosed Framework. I have donated several dollars to each subproject. You and EVERY reader here than installs any Defim plug-in OUGHT DONATE ALSO

    Buy a Class SIX microSDHC card for your phone. It has faster R/W random than Class ten.

    + Install: lucky patcher

    ** I am NOT a pirate nor am I encouraging others to pirate **

    Lucky Patcher automates REMOVAL of HARMFUL content in alleged ‘free’ apps *effecting* the freeness.

    Any app claiming to be ‘free’ but also showing third party hosted web ads is both NOT-free and IS-MALWARE. ALL ADWARE IS MALWARE.

    RAPING user privacy for money is shameful: this is the essence of third party ads in apps and websites

    markets need three categories

    * for free
    * by rape
    * for sale

    When apps are labeled truthfully how many people will knowingly- and intentionally PAY FOR APPS BY ALLOWING RAPE?

    “Oh, I ignore the ads”

    So? The ads do not ignore you.

    If the Grinch left you gifts on Halloween but raped you with date rape drugs would you thank him for the gifts?

    HandleExternalStorage + Class SIX sdhc = victory with peoples cube

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