Change IP Address in Android Using Psiphon VPN

Your IP address is your identity on the internet. Websites and other online services can identify you based on your IP address in a session. While most of the times it is used for providing you with a better user experience, it can also be used to track your online activities and web surfing behavior. Although many web browsers today have a feature called “do not track”, it all depends on the websites whether they respect your wish or not. Your best bet is to use either incognito mode in your browser or use a VPN service to change your IP address and encrypt your online traffic. On your Android smartphones, you can use the free Psiphon VPN Tunnel to hide your real IP address and switch to a different geo-location.

Psiphon for Android is perhaps the lightest and easiest to use use VPN tunnel. The Psiphon app is less than 5MB in size and after the installation is ready to be used at once. In the Psiphon VPN interface, you can select a region manually or let it choose a region based on your current location to provide you best performance. You can choose whether to tunnel whole device (it required a rooted Android device) or just use Psiphon in the browser mode. For an extra layer of protection, you can even set a proxy server to connect to Psiphon servers (this is useful if your ISP is blocking Psiphon).

Psiphon VPN for Android

Tapping on the Start button will start the Psiphon VPN tunnel based on your preferences. If you do not have rooted Android, then it will start only in the browser mode. Psiphon comes with its own web browser using which you can surf the web. The first website you may want to visit is to know whether your IP address has really changed.

Psiphon VPN for Android

In the Statistics section, it shows the number of hours for which your smartphone has been using the Psiphon VPN tunnel. You can also see the sent and received internet traffic. You can stop the VPN tunnel, by tapping on the Stop button anytime. In case you forget to switch it on or off, the Psiphon icon is also displayed in the notification bar in Android.

Conclusion: Psiphon VPN Tunnel for Android is a fast and easy to use VPN service. It provides six different VPN servers located across the globe that you can connect to. Using Psiphon VPN you can encrypt your internet traffic in Android and hide your real IP address.

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