Auto Launch Apps in Android When Headsets are Plugged In

I am very fond of listening to the latest music and what is the best source to find the latest hit songs other than the local FM radio. Although you have to go through the unbearable, narcissistic and pretentious talk of the RJ in the middle, yet you get to listen to the songs for free in the end. Like everyone else, I also use the FM radio built inside my smartphone. But sometimes using the FM radio inside a smartphone becomes very annoying specially in the public or crowded places. You have to take out the smartphone, enter the PIN code or password to unlock the lock screen, then open the FM app and turn the radio on. Wouldn’t be much more comfortable if the FM started playing as soon as you plugged in the headphones? The free app Headset Menu addresses this problem and allows you to launch a menu of preferred apps as soon as you plug in your headset in your Android smartphone. It can also launch an app (like the FM radio) automatically upon the detection of the plugged in headset.

Headset Menu allows you to select all the apps that would appear in the menu when you insert your headset into your smartphone, from a huge list of the apps installed on your system. You can choose any of these apps by placing a checkmark against them. It makes sense only to choose the apps that require the use of the headsets like a game, FM radio, music player, video player etc.

Headset Menu in Android

After this you can test this app by plugging in your headset. A notification icon will be shown in the notification bar on the top. You can pull down the notification bar to view the full menu of the Headset Menu. You can also add a Headset Menu widget on your Android smartphone’s home screen – this widget shows the menu only when the headset is plugged in.

In the settings for Headset Menu, you can choose to use a custom icon pack for the apps, choose notification layout, choose an auto-start app, whether to wake up the phone when headset is plugged in, whether to display notification in the Android and more.

Headset Menu in Android

Conclusion: The Headset Menu app adds to the ease of using a smartphone. It auto launches apps when you plug in your headset in the smartphone. It also shows a menu of the apps that are most likely going to use the headset. It can definitely save your time that you would have wasted in searching for the right app to launch in the Android.

You can get the Headset Menu app for Android from